Fantageeks English and Coding School Welcome to Fantageeks English and Coding School, where we provide high-quality education in both English language learning and coding skills. Come and join us! Join Us Now Experienced Teachers
with Unique Curriculum
We focus on practical and hands-on learning, designed to help sttudents improve their proficiency and skills in both English and coding. Join Us Now
Variety of Programs
and Lessons
We offer a variety of programs and lessons to fit the diverse needs of our students. Join Us Now




About Us

What can I do for my child? That is the foundation of the Fantageeks, a programming and English education garden. Fantageeks’ founder graduated from the Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering of National Chengkung University. She has worked as a software engineer and information security engineer for many years, and has more than 15 years of experience in programming.
Fantageeks firmly believes that the programming language can be used to inspire children’s creativity, innovation and thinking ability is the most important capital for cultivating children’s sustainable learning and competitiveness.

Our Video Training for Microsoft products and technologies

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Phone: 07 586 7116
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