Machine Learning using Python Course

  1. ChatGPT for Data Science & Machine Learning: 5 Use Cases
  2. 機器學習檔案
  3. 上課講義 [連結]
  4. Harvard University – CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

AI 最新應用:


To understand and apply generative AI techniques using Suno AI’s tools for text, audio, and visual content creation.

  • Introduction to Suno AI
  • Use Suno AI’s text generation tool to create a short story or article. Write a prompt of at least 50 words, input it into the text generation tool, and generate a 500-word story or article.
  • Create a short audio clip using Suno AI’s speech synthesis tool. Write a script of 100 words, input it into the audio generation tool, and generate a speech clip. You can choose the voice and language.
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